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Zero Addiction

Zero Addiction is an Ayurvedic solution for all types of Harmful Addictions that are incorporated by the human beings. These addictions can be Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco, Drugs etc. and the addiction to such harmful substances always leads to dreadful endings. Zero addiction Ayurvedic powder helps you to cure any kind of substance addiction as well as their bad effects on the body. It’s a completely herbal product with no side effects.


No Addiction

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How bad is addiction for our body?

It is a universal truth that Smoking, drinking and other similar habits cause adverse effects on various parts of our body. According to the National Cancer Institute, addiction to such harmful substances can lead to the cancer of various body parts such as mouth, esophagus, pharynx, and larynx, liver in men and breasts in women. These adverse effects are not only limited to cancer and extend up to various other problems too, some of which are ulcer, liver cirrhosis, memory loss, Depression etc. All these diseases have been proved to be life-taking and their treatments are very painful as well as expensive. Such addictions spoil various families, and thus it becomes our moral duty to help our dear ones quit such bad habits if they have any. Various types of Helping Drugs and ZERO ADDICTION POWDER can help to fight and win the battle against Addiction.

How Zero Addiction work

Zero addiction Ayurvedic powder is made up of some rare and effective herbs like Naagkesar, Hingraj, Punarnava, Kaalmek, vilayekand, Giloye, Kaasni etc. which work on the three principles of NASHA MUKTI. The principles can be stated as:-

SHAMAN- It purifies the blood and kills (shaman) the harmful toxins of Alcohol, Smoking, and Tobacco etc. from the body. The result is that these toxins stop effecting our body’s vital parts like Liver, Heart, Kindey , lungs and Mind and thus save us.

SHODHAN-It further detoxifies the organs and body as a whole so as to regain the health deteriorated due to substance abuse. This procedure purifies the body and removes the harmful toxins through urine and sweating, thereby cleaning our body and improving our immune system to fight against harmful effects of such substances.

SAMBALAN – Addicted people cannot control their mind even if they wish to quit harmful addictive substances. The continuous and consistent intake of such harmful substances renders their mind and thinking power useless and thus they are unable to control their decision of quitting these substances. Zero addiction powder helps the addict in regaining the mental strength so as to resist the urge for further use of such harmful substances.

The herbs utilized to prepare Zero Addiction works in three ways

  1. It induces a substance-opposing tendency in the individual using it.
  2. It further detoxifies the organs and body as whole to regain health deteriorated due to substance abuse.
  3. It helps addict regain the mental strength to resist the urge for further use.

How to use:

For best results, take 2-3 grams of Zero Addiction powder and swallow it with the help of water early in the morning. Repeat the dose in the evening in same quantity. If you want to use Zero Addiction on an addict without him knowing, it can be mixed and eaten with normal food too as it is almost tasteless as well as odorless.

Precautions while using:

We suggest that people with severe heart ailments or any other major disease should use Zero Addiction only after consulting their physician. Pregnant or nursing females should avoid using it. If there is excessive vomiting on using Zero Addiction, the doses should be reduced. The usage should be stopped completely if there are no changes in the habits.